Corporate Gifts

You are unique! Let your corporate gifts be one of kind, too!

Show your clients and and vendors how much you value their partnership. Give them a box of cookies so delicious that they won't put them down.

Other food gifts look and taste manufactured by machines. Your gift is a homemade recipe, lovingly baked by the owners themselves.  The gluten free and gluten loving employees at that company will sing your praises even more!

Every box includes 1 dozen cookies that you choose. Please check out the descriptions below and pick out the best cookies for your favorite collaborators:

The cookies are wrapped in tissue paper and placed in deluxe gift box - a high quality, black, glossy box that is wrapped in over two yards of satin ribbon. It gives the accurate image of you - professional, warm and wow!

If you want to send gifts to multiple companies, we can make it easier for you! Call Maureen at 414-510-1044.

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