Doing Good


Your cookies not only taste good, but they do good, in our world as well!


Please see how all of us work together, through Wickedly Wholesome cookies, to positively impact our communities.


Our company first started in the commercial kitchen at Easterseals of Southeast Wisconsin, a wonderful and effective organization that empowers people with disabilities.  They offer their kitchen to food entrepreneurs, like us, and use the rental fees to help underwrite their job training program.  We specifically chose the Easterseals kitchen because we are thrilled and proud to help give access, inclusion and choices to people of all abilities and backgrounds.  As we grow, we look forward to hiring Easterseals food service graduates to work with us.

Please click on the Easterseals logo to see a video that shows the outstanding program your Wickedly Wholesome cookie purchase is supporting!

Aurora Healing and Advocacy Services

Your purchase also supports the Aurora Healing and Advocacy Services at Aurora Health Care in Wisconsin.  Aurora is an innovative and proactive provider of support, advocacy, tools and compassion for survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. Their programs include: The Healing Center, the Sexual Assault Treatment Center, the only Rape Crisis Center in Milwaukee, and the Safe Mom, Safe Baby program. 

Please watch this video to see one of the many success stories at the Aurora Healing and Advocacy Services and know that when you are enjoying your Wickedly Wholesome cookies, you are also helping someone heal from terrible trauma. 


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