Our Guarantees to You


Love Your Cookies or Your Money Back

 Katherine Schuerman

If you don’t love our cookies, call Maureen at 414-510-1044 and we will refund your money - both the cost of cookies and the cost of shipping.

If your cookies arrive broken:  crumble them up even more, put them on ice cream and enjoy your unexpected treat!  Then, call Maureen at 414-510-1044 and we will send you another batch free.


Your Cookies are Gluten Free

Gluten Free Test Results of Negative Gluten In Cookies

Your cookies are guaranteed gluten free!  We want no one getting sick, especially you. Maureen, who has Celiac, “goes the extra mile” for you and eats a cookie from every batch just to make sure your cookies are gluten free.

More importantly, we also test your cookies scientifically with the gold standard test from Elisa Technologies to ensure they exceed the federal standards for gluten free products. (Just to be clear, that photo is a gluten test and not a pregnancy test. It says the cookies tested are negative for the presence of gluten.)


Your Cookies Are Made of the Highest Quality Ingredients

Wickedly Wholesome Gluten Free Ingredients   

Your cookies taste so delicious for three reasons:

  • We are insanely passionate about your cookie experience. We make dozens of versions of a single recipe to ensure you eat cookies that don’t taste gluten free.  
  • Only the best ingredients are used in your cookies. That makes a HUGE difference.  We tried cheaper ingredients and it was horribly obvious.
  • No preservatives, xanthan gum, guar gum or other junk are in your cookies. Only wicked and wholesome ingredients you find in your own kitchen are good enough for you. 


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