Your Story/Our Story

Your Story

Hi Cookie Loving Friend!

Let’s start with your story because it’s super important.

You have fabulous memories of traditional chocolate chip cookies you ate as a child. Warm, gooey and tasty.  Yet, ever since you started eating gluten free, your cookies SUCK. You often don’t have anything sweet and comforting to eat because the current gluten free cookies in your life just don't deserve you. 

REALLY??? your stomach shouts to the cookie industry.  This dense hockey puck that dissolves into sand and tastes like stale Styrofoam is the best you can do for me?

We hear you!

Right now a pan of warm, melt in your mouth cookies filled with gooey chocolate chips are coming out of our oven. They are devoted to you, wanting you to relive your childhood cookie memories.  

Call to them now and they will appear on your doorstep. Make you and them happy by devouring them like the Gluten Free Badass that you are. 



Our Story

We are Alice and Maureen, sisters and cookie makers. 

(That's Maureen on the far left and Alice next to her.  We are at Alice's wedding to Zack, who is on Alice's other side. Zack's daughter, Sydney is on the right and the younger kids, Andrew and Katherine, are Maureen's. We are VERY grateful for our families!)

Have you noticed that the world often offers only two types of food – food that is good for you and food that is bad for you? We don’t believe that life is so black and white.  We believe in a blended approach that Wicked + Wholesome = Perfect Balance.  If your food is all butter and sugar, you will drop dead from it.  If your food never has butter or sugar in it, you will wish you were dead.

The wicked and the wholesome need each other.  A truly delicious cookie – or person – is never just wicked or just wholesome.  We are all an amazing combination of both.

We are best friends and live a few miles from each other in the Milwaukee area and have worked hard to mix just the right combination of butter, flours, sugar and chocolate to bring you a gluten free experience that makes you smile, put your feet up, take a deep breath and relax.

Maureen has Celiac and Alice does not.  Together, we love giving you the best gluten free cookies that everyone in your family will love – whether they avoid gluten or love it.


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