Gift Card

Is a friend or family member gluten free? Be the gift giver they worship. Let them pick out their own Wickedly Wholesome cookies courtesy of YOU!

This electronic gift card can be printed out or emailed to your loved one. It can be used in the Wickedly Wholesome online store and with Apple Pay. It never expires, never requires processing fees and your recipient can check their balance on the Wickedly Wholesome website anytime they wish.

If you want your recipient to purchase 1 dozen cookies, we recommend the $40.00 gift card. It will pay for any 1 dozen cookies your loved one wishes and leaves enough leftover to cover 2-Day Priority shipping anywhere in the United States. The $75 gift card will cover 2 dozen cookies and 2-Day Priority shipping as well.

We want your Wickedly Wholesome gift card to be one that you love to give. If you have any questions about gift cards, Maureen wants to answer them at 414-510-1044.  She will also want to hear your opinion on what is your favorite brand of wine.

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