Coming Soon! Holiday Relaxation Box

Are you feeling stressed with the holidays?

We understand.  You want this time to be wonderful and filled with special touches for your loved ones.  Despite your best efforts to cut back on all that you need to do, too much is getting stuffed into this short time period.  You are stressed for good reason and it is time to relax and take some time for yourself.

Enter wine and cookies:  sit down in a quiet room, shut the door and tell everyone to leave you alone for an hour.  Pour yourself a glass of a white or red wine that has been paired specifically for your cookies and rejuvenate yourself.  After a few cookies and some delicious wine you will emerge a new person - ready to wrap presents, cook a ton of food and put up with any visiting family members you don't really like. 

Pick out the cookies that you love below, don't share them (you are already giving everyone a lot) and call Maureen if you have any special requests at 414-510-1044. 

Take a look at these descriptions to pick the cookies that you love the most:

This feature is coming soon! If you share your email with us in the footer below, we will let you know as soon as it is available!

Happy Holidays!

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